Montem Magikey

Montem Magikey 1.0

Translated any abbreviation in complex sentence

Translated any abbreviation in complex sentence

Montem MagiKey is a text replacement utility designed to help you type faster and more accurately.

Create abbreviations that will save you time and money.

Increase efficiency and productivity!

To use it is simple just define abbreviations and Magikey automatically replaces any software! Now, instead of typing, please accept the assurances of my distinguished feelings ", simply type JVP in any Windows application!

Be productive!

Automate tedious and repetitive typing.

Insert text blocks effortlessly.

Eliminate typing errors.

Type faster.

be operational in minutes

How it works ?

Select an abbreviation (shortcut) for your text.

Type or paste the text in Magikey then your keyboard abbreviation in an application, voila!

The number of abbreviation is unlimited! No advertising,no limitation. The length of your sentences is unlimited. The number of abbreviation is unlimited. Quick installation, nothing to configure

Montem Magikey


Montem Magikey 1.0

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